(meteorobs) No Perseid Maximum

Dear List Members

I hope that some of the rest of you had better luck than I did with the
Perseid maximum, it was rain, cloud and then more rain and cloud for the
last three nights. The cloud did not break until after sunrise this morning
(and a fat lot of good that did me). So I can say from a personal point of
view the Perseid maximum was a washout, next year perhaps (or perhaps not,
it's washed out by the moon if I remember correctly).

Anyway, enough doom and gloom, I did see some of the eclipse from Plymouth
on Wednesday, through broken cloud cover, it was spectacular even with the
cloud. It would have been much better I;'m sure with clear skies but this is
England after all so what could I expect.

As an aside, what in you collective experiences would the accuracy of
plotting meteors be for path length and position angle for a 'good' plot. I
rate my plots on a scale of three, 1 being as certan as I can be down to 3
being fairly certain, anything below that and I don't bother to plot it as
it would spoil the data set. My impression from my own class 1 plots is that
I get something like +/- 5-10 degrees position angle and +/- 2-3 degrees
path length for medium length meteor tracks, the longer the track the
greater the error in path length however I get the impression that the
position angle error decreases. For short track meteors the position angle
error seems to become much greater, perhaps as much as 30 degrees, but this
is exactly what I would expect. What say the rest of you?

Cheers and hopefully clear skies


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