(meteorobs) Pre-max Perseids (novice report)

In my last five-minute period this morning (9:45-9:52 August 12 UTC, 
Thursday morning local time), I observed five Perseids.  This was
with the radiant about 55 degrees above the horizon.  There were 5%
to maybe 10% thin summer-morning clouds crossing the site.  The sky
was otherwise unobstructed.  I'm not good at LM, but all morning I 
could see six of the seven "Little Dipper" stars and the seventh 
was coming and going; all were 30 degrees or less above the horizon 
at the time.  In 65 minutes Teff between 8:07 and 9:52 (with the 
clouds being around during the last 25 minutes), I counted 20 
Perseids and 5 sporadics.  Looking forward to getting farther out 
of town this evening, perhaps with a small group.  Location was 
30.314N, 97.866W, in the suburbs west of Austin.

Ed Cannon - ecannon@mail.utexas.edu - Austin, Texas, USA

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