Re: (meteorobs) Re: Perseid Weather

Dear Wes:

If you think that's something, try it out here in Georgia.  Everynight it's
the same story. Cloudy, overcast. It's very hot and humid though. But that
doesn't do me any good for viewing at night.

I am just so upset. My husband bought me two telescopes...a Celestron and a
Meade. The Meade has a computer and the entire works. Unfortunately, I
haven't been able to use it that much. Such a shame. He paid close to $1,000
for this Meade and its works.  I guess the only time to view is closer to
winter. Burrr.

Oh, well, sure hope your skies open up to something more than just clouds
and rain.  Sometimes I even go out onto the sunporch (my little observatory)
at 2-3am and still no sky to view.  Good gosh.

Starr Hernandez here in Georgia

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Subject: (meteorobs) Re: Perseid Weather

>Just don't come to Oregon. Aside from all the rain jokes, August in Oregon
is CLEAR. Not this year. This summer is EVIL.
>I tried August 9/10, when the forecast was clear, and had "uncountable"
skies. I'm headed east tonight, but the best forecast I can come up with is
partly cloudy.
>The weather god hasn't touched the Perseids in years. If I'm shut out I
want Leonids AND Geminids. Well, at least Geminids. Leonids are a bit too
much of a stretch in these parts.
>Wes Stone
>Cloudytown, USA
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