(meteorobs) Ther be Persieds and SDA's Captain

Good Morning!!

Well, the clouds left the building, and there be persieds and SDA's 

My tape is not decoded yet, but I spent over 1 hour teff outside and 
observed many Persieds and several SDA's. 

I did see serveral fireballs, and some of the brightest Persieds were 
almost on the eastern horizon, very bright. 

It was warmer than Tuesday morning at 15 C, but the humidity and 
dew was high. I could see the fog rolling in. By the time I came in at 
4:40 am the whole back field was in fog.  The LM was around 5.3 all 

Now at 6:30 am, there are high cirrus and it is not too clear. 

However, I am taking tommorrow off of work, so let it be clear, though 
they are calling for rain, let it pass onto the province. 

Till later

Moonlight Cascade Observatory/BBS
NAMN/IMO-Meteor Observing,Ham Radio-VA3KDH
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