(meteorobs) South Carolina Perseids

Planned a 3 to 4 hour watch this morning for the beach as we have been
having some hot weather, with the resultant thundershowers and haze. I had
hoped the ocean breeze would clear away the haze, but that was not the case.
Along the beach, the LM was +3.5 or so under clear skies. While waiting to
see if it would improve, two meteors were seen, one sporadic and one
Perseid. At 2:42 am local time, I loaded up for a trip inland.

I drove about 45 miles into the Francis Marion National Forest where I
encountered not only the haze, but patches of ground fog. So with a total of
2 meteors under my belt, I drove home and came into work. Will try again
this morning beginning at about midnight.

Kim...hope you had better conditions down there. With all the muck I was
dealing with, I started to head for Georgia!!   ;)

Clear skies!
Mark Davis

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