(meteorobs) Southern California Perseids Party

Hello all...
Don Barnett here, I've been a list member and occasional poster for a couple 
of years now. I am planning a get together for the night of Aug. 12, for the 
purpose of observing the Perseid meteor shower. I have several family 
members, and several friends from work that have committed to come, and I 
wanted to open up the invitation to any southern California list members that 
were interested in joining us.
The party will be near Big Bear Lake, in San Bernardino Co., Ca.
The altitude is about 6500 feet, and we will be well away from any 
significant light pollution. There will be several people there that will be 
witnessing their first shower, so people preferring a quiet environment for 
video or data acquisition beware. I know that the show will not start until 
after 10 PM or so, but I have instructed my friends to gather at dusk, so as 
to avoid having them lost in the mountains after dark.
Exact directions as follows: from the Dam at Big bear lake, take the North 
shore drive, travel east, along the North shore, about 7-8 miles. Just as you 
reach the East end of the lake, turn left (north) on to Van Dusen Canyon 
Road. Go 3-4 miles to the end of van Dusen, then turn right on county road 
3N16. Go 1 mile. We will be in the parking lot for the historical landmark 
"Bellville Cabin" In Holcomb Valley.
Lat.: 34.300068N, Long. -116.873507W
The U.S. Forest service does have a requirement that any vehicle parked in 
the forest have a "wilderness adventure pass" attached to the windshield. 
these passes are available at any ranger station or many sporting goods 
stores for an annual fee of $20.00
I have a downloadable map for anybody that is interested.
If you think that you would like to join us, or desire a copy of the map, 
please respond PRIVATELY to 
Don Barnett
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