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>Hi Marco,
>                   If you have any new information on the new Dutch meteor, I 
>would like to publish it in the next Voyage! Magazine.  Also, I am willing to 
>print the results of your meetings in Voyage, as I have dome before... could 
>you please let me know?
>                                             Sincerely, John Wallets - 
>Voyage! Magazine

Hi John,

If I have some new info and it turns out to be a meteorite, I could write
something (short I think). But I think it will take at least 2 weeks before
some results from dr Lindner's analysis will be known -it is holliday time
here and many people -not only real amateur astronomers but several
interested lay persons as well- are going to France for the eclips.

Send me a reminder after about 2 weeks at the address; marcolan@stad.dsl.nl
(my regular e-mail; I am now mailing from casper's home where I stay this
week for the campaigns). Currently, I do not have any photographs
unfortunately of either the object or the meeting at the aviation police
office. I went there straight from my work, completely unprepared (quite an
adventure; a big 4WD police car awaited me at Schiphol main terminal to
take me to Schiphol Oost), had no camera with me. I hope dr  Lindner will
be able to provide me some photo's of the object -I currently only have a
very crude newspaper photo.

Marco Langbroek

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