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Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1999 19:46:02 PDT

<<I apolgize for this second transmission, but my .mil account is down right 
now... using an alternate email address.>>

Greetings all...

I am on watch at Rescue Coordination Center Norfolk and have just received a 
report of a "possible flare."  We have multiple reporting sources from 
Wilmington (North Carolina, USA) south to Charleston (South Carolina, 
USA)... object was bright (no, I don't know how bright) and orange in 
color... seen for approximately 2 seconds... seen to "fall" only... all 
reporting sources sighted object at approximately 0145 UTC 7 August 1999... 
the furthest north reporting source was at approx position 33-52N 078-29W 
and saw the object in a southerly direction... if any "trained" observers 
witnessed this object and can id it as a meteor or fire ball, please let me 
know as soon as possible...

Thanks for your help.


Altus tendo,
  Peter (s)
Peter A. Stinson, Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Multi-Mission Controller,
Rescue Coordination Center Norfolk and
     USCG Atlantic Area/Fifth District Command Center
for the Western Atlantic Search & Rescue Coordinator

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