(meteorobs) Again possible Dutch Meteorite (more contemplation now)


As you all have read, I returned rather excited from my inspection of the 
object that 'impacted' at Weert (The Netherlands) July 22 and might be a 
iron meteorite. In my initial excitement, perhaps my first message was a 
little bit too excited and the story needs some more quiet contemplation, 
provided below.

What I want to make clear (and fear did not quite come through in my 
initial message) is that there still are considerable questionmarks. The 
shape of the object is that odd that it might well turn out to be NOT a 
meteorite after the chemical analysis. That is what I want to make clear; 
it is far from established yet. However, after what I've seen this 
afternoon at the Aviation Police office, I feel that there certainly is a 
possibility. But we really have to await the results of the analysis, and 
only then will be able to judge properly. Note that this might take some 
time, it is holliday time here and half of the country has taken days of 
to see the August 11 eclipse.


Marco Langbroek
Dutch Meteor Society
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