(meteorobs) Zay Signing Off MeteorObs

In a message dated 99-08-04 14:00:13 EDT, you write:
 lew>>A certain relentlessly unthoughtful poster wrote:
 >Is angular velocities doing something that a speed scale can't
 >do for the same purposes in conjunction with intersections?<<
lew>>George, it's a shame (but no surprise) you choose to ignore my advice 
"pondering before you post". Not to be negative, but it isn't any great loss
either. I hereby give up, and wish *all* CLEAR SKIES FOR THE PERSEIDS!!! :)<<

Lew, I'm giving you a wedding gift. I'm Signing off the meteorobs mailing 
list. I just don't have any need to put up with your thinly veiled 
censorship. It's been fun. Aloha!
George Zay
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