(meteorobs) IMO-NEWS: Fireball? Or Meteor? Or just a flare?

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Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 20:45:11 +0800
From: Kelvin Seet <auvoir@singnet.com.sg>
To: Amateur and Professional Astronomers List 
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Subject: Fireball? Or Meteor? Or just a flare?

    On the night of 28th July 1999 (night of the partial lunar eclipse),
around 2015 hours (UT + 8 hrs) Singapore time, A group of us saw a
falling object in the sky within the region of Scorpius, Lupus or
Sagittarius (sorry for being inexact as we were located within a
building). My location is at 1 degree 19' 48" N, 103 degrees 49' 48" E.
    It's visual magnitude was estimated to be about -5.0 (taking into
account the brightness of the full moon). It lasted for about 4 seconds
and was bright yellow (the colour of a ball of fire to be exact). It was
unlike the streak of light in the case of sporadic meteors, and not at
all similar to the Leonids which I have witnessed back in November 1998.
And it had no tracks visible to our eyes.
    Therefore, I would like to ask if other similar sightings have been
reported or if what I have seen is nothing but a military flare. Please
comment. Thanks!

Kelvin Seet

Astronomical Society
Nanyang Technological University

       Seet's Condominium

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