Re: (meteorobs) Zenith Attraction, some numbers

me>>The biggest shift I can find amongst IMO's working list of showers 
>with the radiant low on the horizon is the Draconids at 10.1 degrees, alpha 
>Capricornids at 7.8 deg, S. Taurids at 5.3 deg, and N. Taurids at 4.5 deg. <<

jim>>To answer George's question, the Kappa Aquarids have the greatest zenith
attraction of any listed shower, with apparent radiant shift of 19 degrees
with the true radiant at the horizon. <<

Thanks jim, I kinda figured it was the kappa aquarids and a couple other non 
listed IMO showers that would have an apparent radiant shift of nearly 20 
degrees. Actually, I was looking for any large shifts that would be listed 
amongst IMO's working list of showers. These showers were listed by IMO as 
those that have activity high enough to make observing efforts worthwhile to 
retrieve usable scientific data from.
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