Re: (meteorobs) Leonid Reporting

Mark Davis wrote:

>Hi Folks,
>A while back, someone on the list posed a question about real-time
>observational reports or something similar. For those of y'all out in the
>field with a phone, but no computer, I will be spending the mornings at the
>computer and phone receiving and transmitting NAMN and AMS observations as
>they come in. This has been successful in the past, so this year Jim
>Richardson in Florida will probably also provide a second phone and computer
>link as needed. Our reports will be going to IMO as well as Peter
>Jenniskens, but I can also post to meteorobs if there is enough interest. I
>invite anyone on the list, who will be in this type of situation, to email
>me in private and I will provide you with numbers, etc.
>I will be monitoring the phone on November 15/16, 16/17, and 17/18 after I
>return home from my own sessions. That will be at approximately 6:00 a.m.
>Clear skies!
>Mark Davis, MeteorObs@charleston.net


In addition to Mark's efforts to act as a coomunication realy point for
those with remote phone access while out in the field, i will also be
available to relay telephone, email, and AOL Instant Messenger
reportsthroughout the nights of Nov 15/16 (Sun/Mon), Nov 16/17 (Mon/Tue),
and Nov 17/18 (Tue/Wed).  i will be home throughout this period (including
the night/early morning hours) in Tallahassee, Florida, and will have the
computer on-line continuously on one phone line, while leaving the other
phone line open for calls.  i will be away at the university during the day
on Monday and Wednesday, but will be home on Tuesday until the afternoon.  

So if you are observing in the field and would like to report your
impression of the activity via cellular phone or a HAM radio phone patch,
as it occurs, we would appreciate hearing from you.  Please contact either
mark Davis or myself for phone numbers or other contact information.  

As an FYI, the Poplar Springs Radiometeor Station will be collecting
radiometeor data automatically throughout the Leonid period, but I will not
be able to personally monitor the station's output, as it is located about
100 miles (160 km) away and i cannot get off to travel to it.  I will be
collecting the data diskettes at some later date (probably Thanksgiving).
Thus, I am free to actively monitor visual reports as they come in.

Take care,

     Jim Richardson

James Richardson
Tallahassee, Florida

Operations Manager / Radiometeor Project Coordinator
American Meteor Society (AMS)