(meteorobs) Re: Daylight Peak of the Leonids


The peak of the Leonids is predicted to occur near 11 am Pacific, Noon
Mountain, 1pm Central and 2pm Eastern Standard time on Tuesday November

At this particular time the radiant will be 30 degrees high for those in
the Pacific time zone, 15 degrees high for those in the Mountain Time 
Zone, On the horizon for those in the central time zone, and lastly (and
unfortunately) 15 degrees below the horizon for those in the Eastern

It would not surprise me if the maximum occurred as much as 2 hours
which would place the radiant above the horizon for all 4 time zones.

Anybody up to a daylight fireball watch?

Bob Lunsford

JOYINDC@aol.com wrote:

> I was thinking the very same thing since I recall someone last month who
> reported a fireball over Los Angeles well before dark.  On what day in the
> western hemisphere will be the peak you mention?
> Thanks,
> Joy