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On Thu, 29 Oct 98 15:51:59 -0500
Lew Gramer <dedalus@latrade.com> wrote:

> Thank you for the kind reply to Bob Lunsford's message, Mr. Takema!
> We hope that your group will share its results with us on the day(s) of
> the Leonids peak! The 'meteorobs' mailing list, which Bob was referring
> to in his message, will be a meeting place for observing groups all over
> the world on that day - visual, video, radar, radio, telescopic. And we
> hope to add your very valuable data to that flow!
> Take care, and clear skies in November!
> Lew Gramer, NAMN, AMS, IMO
> owner-meteorobs@latrade.com

I will not be able to send Japanese data of Leonids maximum day, because
I will have gone to Mt.Fuji to observe Leonids.  But, other person will
send the data instead of mine. At least, NMS homepage will be updated
for preliminary analize of data.

Takema is a first name and Hashimoto is a family name.  I wrote my name
according to the Japanese custom.
thashi@din.or.jp  Hashimoto Takema
Minor Meteor Shower Circular(MMSC)
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