(meteorobs) Leonid Reporting

Hi Folks,

A while back, someone on the list posed a question about real-time
observational reports or something similar. For those of y'all out in the
field with a phone, but no computer, I will be spending the mornings at the
computer and phone receiving and transmitting NAMN and AMS observations as
they come in. This has been successful in the past, so this year Jim
Richardson in Florida will probably also provide a second phone and computer
link as needed. Our reports will be going to IMO as well as Peter
Jenniskens, but I can also post to meteorobs if there is enough interest. I
invite anyone on the list, who will be in this type of situation, to email
me in private and I will provide you with numbers, etc.

I will be monitoring the phone on November 15/16, 16/17, and 17/18 after I
return home from my own sessions. That will be at approximately 6:00 a.m.

Clear skies!

Mark Davis, MeteorObs@charleston.net
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, USA
Visual Program Coordinator
North American Meteor Network & American Meteor Society
NAMN:   http://medicine.wustl.edu/~kronkg/namn.html
AMS:    http://www.serve.com/meteors