Re: (meteorobs) What's the best time to watch a shower?

Lew writes>
>And that's also the one error in the reasoning that UK observers
>should watch for the Leondid peak BEFORE midnight on November 16:
>namely, the LEO radiant will not be above the local UK horizon
>before 11pm Local, and will not attain sufficient height to see
>a representative sample of LEOs before about 00:30 that morning.

Though what Lew says is factually true, one can still see a nice display
from a strong shower when the radiant is below the horizon. In August of
1995 I saw a stropn display of Perseids in the evening hours before
midnight and before the moon rose-the reason I was actively observing at
that time. The meteors came from the Perseid radiant and included many
bright fireballs. Indeed it was qyite a nice display before the moon rose
and detracted a great deal.


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