Re: (meteorobs) What's the best time to watch a shower?

Hi, David - you're doing some outstanding analysis here! I know
others will have more to say on the effects of radiant height on
shower rates, and also effect of local time on meteor rates both
sporadic and shower. One thing I can say - I believe you'll lose
many more than half the total meteors when the radiant is at the
horizon! In fact, I think this number tends toward zero quickly.

And that's also the one error in the reasoning that UK observers
should watch for the Leondid peak BEFORE midnight on November 16:
namely, the LEO radiant will not be above the local UK horizon
before 11pm Local, and will not attain sufficient height to see
a representative sample of LEOs before about 00:30 that morning.

This is generally true for most sites below the Arctic, sadly!

On the other hand, for radio meteorists in the UK, listening for
Leonids before noon on Nov 16 AND 17 could be a very good idea...

Clear (and static free) skies all!

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