(meteorobs) Re: Average Orionid Magnitude


This is a bit fainter than my results of +2.29 for the 20th and +2.46
for the 21st. I also still have 2 hours from the 22nd to listen to. I 
would guess the Orionid magnitudes for that morning were close to your 
results as there was a complete lack of fireballs and many 3rd and 4th
magnitude Orionids seen.

Perhaps the average magnitude dims as we move past the date of maximum 

Bob Lunsford

Stop Light Pollution! wrote:
>    Of the 85 Orionid meteors that I saw in six hours, from 4:40 to 6:40 UT
> on October 23/24, and 4:40 to 8:40 UT the next night, with a average LM=6.4,
> the average Orionid was 2.8 magnitude. Also, one in four Orionids left a
> visible train. As mentioned before, these observations were made at Davis,
> West Virginia, USA.

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