Re: (meteorobs) Fwd: Leonoid Meteor Shower IN Saudi Arabia

Hi, Rick - you certainly will be able to see some falling stars
from the Leonids, as they are a regular "annual" meteor shower
visible from all over the planet. However, there is in addition
to the annual shower a "storm component" to the Leonids, which
will only be visible (if at all) over a small area of Earth.

Exactly WHICH longitude on Earth has the best chance to see the
storm component is open to question: the best current models now
predict that Mongolia and Central China will be the blessed areas
this year. However, the storm (IF IT HAPPENS) could fall just as
easily over the Eastern US, Saudia Arabia, or the open Pacific
ocean! The only way to know FOR SURE is to watch on Nov 16/17. :)

To find out more about the Leonids, and showers generally, see:

From these two sites, you'll find many links to other informative
Websites about meteor observing, meteor showers, and the Leonids...

Clear skies!
Lew Gramer