Re: (meteorobs) October 20/21 1998 observation

October Leo Minorids orbit.

On Tue, 27 Oct 98 18:42:31 -0400
Pierre Martin <p.martin@cyberus.ca> wrote:

> magnitude -2. Only one Leo Minorid was seen. I have no doubt that this
> shower exist after seeing some reasonable rates the last few years.
> Pierre Martin

Dear Pierre,

I think so.  I have seen this shower several times around maximum of
Orionids, but I didn't see it as many meteors as I could detect a
radiant point.  It is difficult to observed this shower, because we
observed it a few hour a day.  But two years ago, my fellow observer got
a data of October Leo Minorids orbit by double stations TV observation.
The orbital data shows as below.

<Orbit of October Leo Minorid and its (possible) parent body>
  ID     DATE     UT   Co.Rad(2000) SD  VG   e     q    peri. node    i
Comet 1739(Zanotti)                         1.00  0.674 104.8 211.0 124.3
Oct.LMi                                61.8 0.99  0.65  106   211   124
MSSIRg 19961021 183059 161.8  35.9 0.7 62.7 1.065 0.598 103.0 208.7 124.6

  ID          D    D' 
Comet 1739  0.00 0.00 
Oct.LMi     0.03 0.02 
MSSIRg      0.11 0.07 

D  : D criterion
D' : D dash criterion
                          presented by 
                            Meteor Science Seminar - Working Group (MSS-WG)

The orbits of Comet 1739(Zanotti) and Oct. LMi are used by A.F.Cook 1973.
Equinox was changed from B1950 to J2000.  MSSIRg orbit is similar to
Oct.LMi and parent comet orbit.  I'm interested in October Leo Minorids
as one of a stream of producted by long period / paraboric comet.

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