Re: (meteorobs)subvisible meteors was Zodiacal light questions

>The band of material that would produce the zodiacal lights stretch out to
>around Jupiter's orbit.  This would mean that the earth travels thru this
>band. Looking at the material that is inside the earth's orbit produces the
>zodiacal lights. Looking at the material that is outside the earth's orbit
>produces the Gegenschein.

Thanks, George, this was extremely helpful! BTW, are there any sites you
know of on the Web where more details on ZLP (Zodiacal Light Phenomena)
can be found? Or maybe a good book folks can recommend?

I did have one question though: If Earth is actually inside the zodiacal
dust cloud, why does the Zodiacal Band only appear to run narrowly along
the Ecliptic? Under a dark sky, you'd expect it to stretch quite a ways
above and below the Ecliptic, if we're actually inside of it!

Clear skies for the torrid, moonlit Taurids!
Lew Gramer

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