Re: (meteorobs) meteor?? (fwd)

Malcolm>>Please can any of our North American watchers confirm whether or 
not this was a fireball or a satellite/space junk re-entry?<<

>>I was hoping you may be able to tell me what i saw in the sky a few hrs.
ago,i live in red deer,alberta,canada.@ aprox.6:40p.m. i saw a very
bright blaze of light streak accross the sky,moving from east to west,
the sky was still fairly light,as the sun had not set yet.it was visable
for 5 or 6 seconds....did it burn out or did it come down somewhere???
 i would be very greatful if you could give me any information at all

It sounds more likely to be a meteor than a satellite to me? lasting only 5 or
6 seconds indicates a possible meteor. Traveling east to west indicates not
likely a satellite. 
George Zay