(meteorobs) Obs, SE Pa. 22/23

Yo gang,

	Feeling badly about my alarm not going off on 21/22, I double
checked my alarm and tried for 22/23.  Got up at 0400 edst and saw that
the sky was soooo black and clear I decided not to drive to my new found
spot in the burbs but to try some inner city viewing.

	Went to a local park I've used for star gazing and was pleasently
surprised to see more activity in the first hour than I did on 19/20.
From 0430 edst to 0530 edst I saw a total of 31 meteors.  25 ori, 5 taur,
and one gem.  I beat the cold by using a sleeping bag this time, and as
the dew settled upon me I just grinned to myself and continued counting
until I saw light in the East.

	From 0530 to 0624, with a 5 minute break, I observed 7 more
meteors.  5 ori, one taur, and one big, slow sporadic near the horizon to
the west of Orion, travelling on the horizon with a couple second train.
I actually made it to sunrise which accounts for the decreased obs I
imagine, as well as the decreased LM.

	I did have some regrets while I watched wondering how much more
glorious these would have looked in a darker spot, but I consoled
myself with how much closer I was to home.  Thinking about how it was
suggested i record LM I used the Tauris triangle to record.  The average
for the one hour and 49 minute Teff(I'll get to the decimals later) was a
5.6 LM.  I'm hoping to get it together enough to actually do some IMO
reporting by the Leonids.  

			Bill from Philly signing off.
			Clear skies!

William M. Free