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Hello everyone

After reviewing my mail discovered that this information was not included in
the reports so feel I should forward on to you. I know you won't mind Fred

As for my own viewing last night found zero results.  Good luck to you all.


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I sent a post early this morning and it has not appeared, yet.  Wonder
what happened.  
     I left my cell phone in my car & when I started to come back to the
house, I looked to the SSE, knowing that's where we're supposed to look,
& saw a -1 meteor with no train, lasting 2 seconds.  I saw another one
with a long train that lasted 1 second.  I went back into the house to
get my star chart.  We have neon street lamps so I had to shade my eyes
& had a lttle trouble with my double vision.  Jupiter was on top of
itself.  It's really a hassle sometimes.  I saw 2 more & all 4 came from
different directions.  I believe the 1st one was a Orionid but the
others came from different directions.  Not sure where they came from, I
was unprepared.
Teff maybe 10 minutes, with a light cloudiness
     I'm going to try & go out a little tonight, if it's not too bad
out.  Talk to you later. 

Clear skies & happy hunting
Fred  8-)

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Good Morning Fred

Have you had any luck in the shooters lately?  I went out last night just for
a few minutes again and not really taking a count and saw a few, three i
think.   I didnt keep track because I wanted to do serious looking this
morning like Lew suggested but when I got up it was sooooo  foggy I could
hardly see my neighbors house.  Well, I hope you are feeling better, been
praying for you dear.

Take care and have a great day :o)


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