(meteorobs) Oct 20/21 1998, GRALE, South Carver MA USA

Sounds like Pierre Martin in Ottawa had a wonderful night indeed with the
Orionids! Seeing two -4s and several -3s in one night is nice enough, but
he also got to watch the train from that -8 twist and disappear over long
breathtaking minutes! Congrats to Bob Lunsford and Joe Assmus in San Diego
on their great night of observing also: 171 meteors is a nice total, Joe!

BTW, were you really impressed with rates last night, Pierre, or just the
impressive fireballs? I also got to observe for Teff ~= 2.6 between 11:30
and 2:15am EDT last night: a fine show, but not outstanding for rates...

My observing companion for the evening was Michael Aramini of the NH
Astro Society and ATMs of Boston. Mike faced south and logged off and
on for two hours, spotting several impressive Orionids and Sporadics.

My best meteors last night were a -4 ORI, -3 Spo and -2 EGE, and an early
ORI which streaked a good 60o across the sky in practically no time, 0 mag,
orange, and leaving a short sweet 2 sec train. Most *interesting* meteors
were two *absolutely simultaneous* ORIs, a -0.5 in W Ori and a 2 in N Gem,
both with trains, and giving a lovely impression of "seeing the radiant"!

Also, I had a 3.5 mag ORI which left a surprising 1 second train. (It is
generally unusual for fainter meteors to leave lasting trains: but thanks
to the Orionids' high geocentric velocity, this can be seen from them.)

Session: Oct 20/21 1998  03:30-06:15 UT       Teff = 2.59
LM average 6.8       0% cloud cover           No breaks
Spor=8, ORI=37, EGE=5, NTA=4, STA=2, Tau=2    Total = 58
Dead time 10 secs / meteor, total dead time = 9.7 minutes

Prospects are also excellent for tonight's observing: for those who'll
be blessed with clear skies, the Orionids DO bear continued watching!

Clear skies all, and good luck tonight!
Lew Gramer, sleepy but satisfied :)