(meteorobs) Obs. October 20/21

I went up to the east side of Mt. Hood and spent a cold 3 hours of Teff.  The ice scraper got a good workout when I finished observing.  In the evening, I picked off some deep-sky stuff and Comet Giacobini-Zinner.  I then took a nap and got up after 1 am.  Observing from 8:35 - 11:43 UT, I counted 133 meteors including:

62 ORI
55 SPO
11 EGE (!) 7 between 9:38 - 10:38 UT
4  STA
1  NTA

LM was about 6.6. It was dark but turbulent, with the bad seeing smearing the faintest stars into obscurity. No fireballs; the brightest meteor was a -2 ORI that left a train visible for ~1 minute.  I'll get together summaries, distributions, and lists, but right now sleep and work must take priority.

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