(meteorobs) (Attempted) Observations Oct 20-21

     I had high hopes after a beautifully clear day and a nice crisp
evening...  I got out to my site at 12:45 AM Eastern, (4:45UT?) set up and
saw two nice Orionids in the first ten minutes! One a 0 mag. and one -2, it
then clouded over and got only about 25% of the sky clear at any one time
during the next three hours. I did see what must have been a -5 or better
fireball, I was looking at Jupiter as the clouds finally hid it from sight,
then I saw a meteor through the clouds, nothing else was visible through
the clouds at the time. I think it was an Orionid but it's hard to call
when it's been an hour or more since seeing the radiant. I hope for better
luck tonight....

Pray for clear skies!!!!!!!!!!

John N