(meteorobs) Orionids Oct 20/21 Ottawa, ON


Just returned from perhaps my best meteor observation for the year, 
so far...

Need to go to work soon, so have to make this a brief summary. More
details will follow once tape is decoded.
Around midnight, the skies over Ottawa, Ontario cleared rapidly and
I scrambled to get my gear and head out to my dark Casselman site.
By the time I started observing at 1:30 EDT, it was completely clear
and remained so all night! I was glad it did after several days of
persistent low clouds. Anyway, this was by far the best Orionids
activity I have ever seen. I dont have any hourly rates with me now,
but will report all that asap. Many bright meteors, several fireballs!!
As I was setting up, I caught several meteors by chance without even 
trying to look for them! Not soon did I start, an impressive -4
sporadic exploded after a long slow path. Later at night, a monster
magnitude -8 Orionid fireball exploded, lit up the sky right overhead 
and left the longest lasting train I have ever seen!! It lasted several
minutes, twisted and drifted across the sky!!! Amazing! Then, half
hour later, another fireball -4 explodes, this time a sporadic.
There was also a few more -3s, many with trains. A great night, indeed!!
And in the north, a nice green aurora... Other showers detected,
some nice STA, NDA, and a few EGE and a couple possible LMI.
Now I can't wait to get the data. Hope skies will be clear again tonite.
Meteors should be equally good as well. Anyway, got to go!

Clear skies!!

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