Re: (meteorobs) Observations Oct 19-20

> Subject:       Re: (meteorobs) Observations Oct 19-20
Hi Bill!!

> 	I'm just curious.  You gave a good report, but when were you
> viewing?  About what time?

Yes, after I sent it I realized that I forgot to give times. 

Time started, 4:31 edt, 8:31 UT
Time finished, 5:36 edt, 9:36 UT

I hada 20 sec break, from shutting my eyes from headlights, that is 
why the 4.04 mins and seconds.

Guess that is what happens, when you try to get out a report in a 
hurry, to get ready for work... maybe tonight I can get more 
organized. It is suppose to get cloudy for the next 3 days, but 
tonight is going down to 0 celcius, 32 farhenheit, so it might be 

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