Re: (meteorobs) Observations Oct 19-20

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 Wes Stone>>In the morning sky, the zodiacal light will be in the East,
stretching up into Leo and Gemini. <<

The Zodiacal light was definitely bright these last few mornings. 

 Wes Stone>>Two possibilities:  1) Faint auroral glow.  What you describe
sounds a lot like the two auroras I've seen, and several members of my club
were reporting aurorae the night before. <<

I use to observe lots of auroras many years ago when I lived in North Dakota
for a year and a half, (compliments of uncle sam). On some nights when the
green auroral lights didn't form, I would often see a dim greyish area forming
where the brighter green lights would form. I always kinda visualized it like
a flourescent light with just not quite enough energy to come on brightly. 

 wes stone>> 2)  Skyglow if there is a city or concentrated artificial light
source in that direction.  In my neck of the woods, we have a really big dome
of light in that direction that doesn't go away.  We call it "Portland" and
try to face the opposite direction.<<

This sounds more like what kim is seeing, though the dim auroral lights is
still a possibility. 
George Zay