Re: (meteorobs) Obs from SE Pennsylvania, 19/20

Thanks for a great post, Bill - sounds like you DID have fun! And yes,
bone-chilling COLD is probably the one thing that most suprises people
about meteor watching, even "experienced astronomers"... After all, who
else in the world besides meteorists (and maybe nocturnal-bird watchers)
would lie quietly under a frigid, clear night sky for hours on end? :)

BTW, don't forget to measure your Limiting Magnitude regularly while
you're observing. It's a pain sometimes to do, I know - but without
that all-important correction factor, folks WON'T be able to analyze
any of your data from these fine, chilly meteor watches. :)

For tips on how to find your Limiting Magnitude using the standard Star
Count Method, see the IMO site at:

Clear skies again tonight!
Lew Gramer