(meteorobs) Obs from SE Pennsylvania, 19/20

Hey gang, 

	Here goes some real amateur reporting.  But boy, apart from the
cold did I have fun.  I started at 0300 edst and went till 0450.

The first hour was the most active.  I saw 19 ors, 5 taur, and 4 spor
I saw 2 meteors coming from the same radiant streaking almost parallel to
the constellation Gemini but coming from someplace farther North.  Really

	The next 45' produced 4 ors, and 5 other sightings, 3 taur, 2
spors(I think).

	I viewed from a few miles outside the city limits of Philadelphia
in a wildlife conservation area I recently found.  Absolutely no
surrounding light polution.  Of course I couldn't help but see the city's
glow as I faced South over the hills.

	Something I didn't take into account was how darn cold it would
get.  I did put on a turtle neck and heavy pullover but by 4am I was
'suffering' (bwg).  Also looking over George Z's reporting from the
orevious night and my own results from this morning I might go out nearer
to midnight to begin my obs as I saw more earlier.  Also I'll be prepared
tonight for the nippy October air.

	What I really wanted to see however was what GZ said was the
Orionids tendency to send out fireballs.  Soooooooo, clear skies and a
warmer night to all tonight!

				Bill from Philly.
P.S. Some folks from SE Pa. area have written me.  I haven't forgotten
you, I'll get back to you.  TTFN.

William M. Free

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