(meteorobs) Observations Oct 19-20

Good Morning All !!

What a gorgeous morning!!

To start off, I went out and looking at the Northwest,saw a dome of 
light, with a triangle shape to the sky along with a spike of light, 
at approx. 310 degrees. I am assuming this could be the zodiacal 
light or geiginchin (sp)?? Suggestions??

Just a quick summary of my  observations this morning. If this 
morning could be an indication of the Leonids, I had better get some 
sort of fire in my behind for reporting. At times there were 3 and 4 

My location of looking for the showers this morning was south. 
With my Centre Field of View being Aldebaran.

ORI- 9
EGE- 6
SPO- 15

Counted LM in two areas, 4 & 8  Avg LM of area 4- 5.8     Avg  LM of 
area 8- 6.0

Teff hours 1.04.4 

Thats all for now

Moonlight Cascade Observatory/BBS
Astronomy-RASC,SARA,ALPO/AAVSO-Solar Section
NAMN-Meteor Observing,Ham Radio-VA3KDH