(meteorobs) Meteor Observations Oct 18/19 ZAYGE

I had a nice pleasant observing night last night. Activity was high enough to
not let things get dull...which is the enjoyable part of meteor observing. I
had clear skies with only a very slight breeze all night. My LM was probably
around 6.0 all night. I observed from 22h30 local till 05h45 local. My Teff is
probably around 6.5 hours after I subtract the various dead time and short
break.  I operated 2 guided wide angle cameras. One had the rotating shutter
over it. I plotted everything but the Orionids. I recorded a total of 105
meteors. 57 were Orionids, 6 N. Taurids, 12 S. Taurids, 3 Epsilon Geminids,
and 26 sporadics. The brightest were a pair of Orionid fireballs. The first
Orionid of the night was of -5 magnitude. I have a good chance of capturing
this one on film. Won't know till I develop the film later today. The other
was of -4 magnitude that I probably either just barely missed completely, or
caught part of it on film. I kinda think I missed it completely though. If I
got it, it should be on the same roll that I will be developing later. The
other camera has enough film to last another observing run tonight. 

The taurids seemed quite active during the first few hours, then tapered off
as the radiant was well to the west of me. The first 6 meteors of the night
were Taurids. I might consider starting an hour earlier tonight with the hopes
of getting a decent batch of Taurid plots to go with last nights? I'll decide
on that based on how rested I feel by then. For a long night, last night was
an easy night due to the activity. 
George Zay