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<<If by some stroke of luck activity is still building as evening is
approaching I'll have greater reason to fake illness at work and run for the
hills.  On the other hand, if the peak passed hours ago I'll know that, too,
and I won't waste my time driving to Yosemite. >>
 Cathy: Excuse me, but please don't dismiss those of us without laptop
computers in
the field here!!  I plan to observe Leonids, and will not have computer
 access at the time... 
 Pierre: As for myself, chances are that I may not have 
 either phone or computer on the field. I may have to report back my 
 results only when I get back home (or somewhere else), perhaps after a number
 hours on the road.  We all do the best we can.  >>

Hey, I have an idea. If it's clear, why doesn't everyone just go out and
observe the Leonids with out any expectations. Kind of like a suspense movie.
A preliminary report can be given when their  data collection is over like
it's always been.
Just my opinion....