(meteorobs) realtime leonids observation..

Hello again Robert...
Just a thought...
There are already in place, 2 different avenues of information in "very near
real time" for obtaining the info that you desire.
There is a computer chat program called mIRC, that allows people on different
isp providers (aol, prodigy, gte.net etc.) to chat in real time, regardless of
their provider, platform or OS.
No doubt you've seen Lew's notices about the twice weekly meteorobs
possible via mIRC.
During this last shower, the Draconids, many members of meteorobs either
IMMEDIATELY emailed meteorobs, or logged onto mIRC to report their
observations, ASAP after the observations.
If you do not already have mIRC, you can download it for free off the net.
 If you do, you should do so ASAP, as there is a bit of a learning curve.
If you don't want to mess with mIRC, just be sure that you subscribe to the
NON-DIGEST form of meteorobs. Many members in timezones east of us (in Calif.)
should post brief,  initial reports about shower activity. Subscription to the
standard form of meteorobs (Individual emails Vs the digest form) will get
that info to you sooner than waiting for a collection to arrive as a digest.
Perhaps we (meteorobs) are the best worldwide network available for timely
dissemination of the info that you desire.