Re: (meteorobs) Zay's Meteor Observing Guidebook

I can definitely recommend George's book. It's packed with many useful
practical techniques for visual, photographic and even radio observers,
but also with a nice summary of some areas of amateur meteor science.

To read ANOTHER glowing review, check out this past post to the list:

By the way, I also HIGHLY recommend two other books for the beginning
observer - the IMO Visual Observing Handbook (US$20 shipped sloooowly
from Europe), and the *Beginner's Guide* from the North American Meteor
Network (available in FREE electronic form from Mark Davis, who is on
this list or can be reached at "MeteorObs@Charleston.Net").

And whichever book you use, be sure to bring your questions to us! :)

Clear skies,
Lew Gramer