Re: (meteorobs) Coordinated realtime Leonid website?

At 09:29 1998-10-13 +0100, you wrote:
>> Does anyone know whether such a website is planned?  I've been searching
>> WWW and have seen nothing of the sort.  Yet the web would seem ideally
>> suited for this kind of real-time reporting.
>a group of about a dozen German meteor observers will watch the Leonids
>from Mongolia. We will try to report first results during and right after
>the observation to Rainer Arlt. Rainer will post those data immediately at
>IMOs web site as well as in IMO-News and meteorobs.

Hi Robert, Sirko and others,

Apart from the IMO/German group of observers who are heading for Mongolia
as Sirko explained another two observing teams of the Dutch Meteor Society
(DMS) are going to China. If fact one team will be located near Xinglong
which is about 100 km north-east of Beijing, the other team is situated
about 600 km west of Xining near the city of Delingha. Xining itself is 200
west of Lanzhou, a large city in the middle of China.

The team at Delingha will try to evaluate the Leonids as fast as possible
and send an e-mail to "imo-news", "meteorobs" and a lot of other persons
and institutes. If possible we will try to publish some results on our


On the DMS-website you will find a lot of information regarding our Leonids
'98 expedition to China. Please have a look!

Best wishes and good luck with the Leonids!


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