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 Which compass direction should one face to see the activity tonight ?<<

It all depends on what's active, what you want to concentrate on and which
direction do you have dark skies and where is the moon if any? Tonight is Oct
13/14...that is the night will include the evening hours of Oct 13 and the
morning hours of Oct 14.  I take a look at my meteor shower calendar and see
what's active that includes this period. From IMO's working list of visual
meteor showers I see that this would include epsilon Geminids, Orionids, S.
Taurids, N. Taurids. Just looking at the list and knowing my observing site, I
often find looking towards the East or South East to be my best direction. I
usually can follow most radiants rising and keep up with them for a few hours
at least until they reach the zenith. I then might want to turn in another
direction to keep my view somewhere near 20-30 degrees from it without much
strain? The taurids are presently near the Cetus circlet...which ends up being
a southerly direction for me as the night evolves. If I wanted to concentrate
on them for some reason, I would turn my cot around towards the south. I try
to avoid my west when able due to the lights from San Diego city which puts up
a glow in that direction. If there were a radiant to the north of me, I most
likely would turn my cot to face north after it has risen. Each observing
period, which often should be in increments of at least one hour is treated
independently of other hours you observe during the night. If you do any
observing tonight, I wouldn't expect any strong activity of any kind. After
about the 18th I would concentrate on the Orionids for more activity and face
east or South East after midnight to follow them. 
George Zay