(meteorobs) Re: Meteor Size & More

MMHASKE@aol.com wrote:

> Hello Lew, Bob, George, etc.... anybody....
> My familiy and I are having a "discussion" concerning the size of an average
> meteor.
> For some reason I have it in my mind that the average size of a meteor is the
> size of a grain of sand.  Son and Husband are telling me they must be at least
> the size of a football or thereabouts.
While the average size of a zero magnitude cometary meteoroid is "pea
sized" there are others as large as a football (that would make a nice
sight in the sky) and those smaller than peas. It is the tremendous
velocity (up to 40 miles per second) that makes these tiny objects
visible as bright flashes from so far a distance.

> We were discussing the problems concerning the satelites in the upcomming
> Leonids storm and what damage may occur.
The chances are slim that a Leonid particle will actually collide with a
satellite causing damage. Even during "meteor storms" these particles
are several miles apart (on average) and space is still quite empty.
Should the unlikely occur and a Leonid meteoroid strike a satellite, the
damage would not be from a puncture since the density of a Leonid
particle is much like ash. Rather the damage would be to the electrical
circuits on board due to the kinetic energy released during this

I hope this helps!