(meteorobs) Coordinated realtime Leonid website?

I'm stuck in California for the Leonid shower, roughly half-way around the
planet from the predicted best location.  I'm pinning my hopes on a peak in
the activity happening 12 hours later than predicted.  I seriously doubt
I'll be so lucky.  However, I was hoping that there were plans for some sort
of coordinated real-time website with observers in each time zone that would
give live updates of the activity.  For me the advantage would be that I'd
know at noon local time whether the maximum has already passed and therefore
not to bother driving 4 hours to some remote location to see little or
nothing and then to have to drive 4 hours back.  On the other hand, if local
twilight is approaching and the website shows either no maximum has yet been
reported or activity is picking up rapidly I'd have much more incentive to
get out of town.  Additionally, if I know the storm is nearing peak
intensity and it's mid-afternoon for me I can still head outside and look
for daylight fireballs.

Does anyone know whether such a website is planned?  I've been searching the
WWW and have seen nothing of the sort.  Yet the web would seem ideally
suited for this kind of real-time reporting.

Thanks for any input.