Re: (meteorobs) Re: Statistics & Stationary Meteors

In a message dated 98-10-12 10:03:27 EDT, you write:

 No you (George) still haven't grasped it.  If I were addressing you
 and you alone, I would have begun the message "George," like above.
 The "you" and "your" in my original message was in the sense of "one"
 and "one's", talking in the abstract and applying to the whole
 readership.  The word "one" in this sense sounds very English
 upperclass so I used the alternative pronoun.
 Before you leap up again because you George are part of meteorobs,
 notice the words "can be" in the original sentence.  It was not "will
 be" or "is".  I'm not saying that the downside applies to anyone on
 meteorobs, but I have seen this behaviour before in others and myself
 (fortunately no longer).  My remark was a warning, not an accusation.

No problem...I understand.
George Zay