Re: (meteorobs) Where In the World?

At 09:37 PM 10/09/98 EDT, you wrote:
>It may be an illusion...but it seems that the majority of the interesting
>meteor events of the past decade has occurred either over Europe or Japan?  I
>wonder who they're paying off for this privilege?   :o)
>George Zay

Oh hey, George; you've noticed this, too? We North American V/UHF radio
amateurs bring up this very topic after every meteor shower, aurora,
sporadic-E atmospheric event, and tropospheric propagation, as a matter of
fact. We *know* it's a fact that both the Europeans and Asians have
consistently experienced better overall and more exciting V/UHF radio
conditions for a few years; we just can't seem to find the smoking gun! ;o|

Dry skies
(first things first: get rid of the rain, THEN evaporate the clouds!),

Shrewsbury MA

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