Re: (meteorobs) Draconid observations on 10/8-9/98

Thanks for sharing your logs, Mark - sounds like you had a great
night's observing, especially compared to some other poor clouded
out sots here in the US (like me)! :)

>I will certainly mark this shower on my calendar for next year.

Alas, the elusive Draconids are what is known as a "periodic" (as
opposed to an "annual") shower: they seem to only appear in years
when their parent body, Comet Giacobini-Zinner is near perihelion!
(Although I did just hear this year that some observing groups do
report very low ZHRs for this shower in occasional off years...)

Which brings up an interesting question: how many other periodic
meteor showers are there? In other words, showers which are not
even perceptible as *minor* showers in their off years, but yet
which are still known or predicted to return in the years ahead?

The Bielids/Andromedids are long dead (we believe). The Alpha
Monocerotids, Pi Puppids, and other "outburst showers" ARE still
perceptible in off years, albeit they are very minor then. But
what showers other than the GIAs do we know of that are neither
"extinct" NOR annual?

Clear skies!

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