(meteorobs) Draconid observations on 10/8-9/98

Last night I was able to get out for a few hours to watch the Draconid
meteor shower. This was the first time I have ever watched this shower. I
was not sure what to expect. I observed from 00:45 UT to 02:45 UT on
October 8/9, 1998 and saw 9 Draconids and 5 Sporadics during 2 hours Teff.
The majority were around magnitude 2. I did see one meteor of magnitude -3
with a train of approx. 4.5 secs! Its flight covered nearly 50 degrees. It
was beautiful!!! I will certainly mark this shower down on my calendar for
next year. Moonrise washed me out at 02:18 UT, but those 2 hours were
certainly enjoyable.

Clear Skies (and no moon),

Mark Mikutis
E-mail: perseus1@pcpartner.net