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 I am quite new to this as well. What I have learned is that Draconids
 are a meteor shower that is the result of earth passing through a
 "debris" field from an asteroid or meteor. They tend to originate from
 the Draco Constellation. To see them, look near that constellation. They
 peaked already, so basically the best part is over.<<

One small typo there greg. The Draconids are a meteor shower that is the
result of the earth passing thru the debris field from a comet....that is
comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. 
gregory>>There is at least one more shower coming this year in mid November.
 will definetly get details here on this list.

The next meteor shower of any importance is the Orionids coming up this month.
They are slightly active now, but the period to really watch for would be
between Oct 17th thru Oct 25th where anything can happen. The peak night is at
Oct 21/22. After that the Leonids on Nov 16/17. The shower I look forward to
every year are the Geminids that peaks on Dec 13/14. Then there's the Ursids
that peak on Dec 21/22. For folks in the U.S. the Geminids might show more
activity than the Leonids this year? There are also some interesting minor
showers coming up such as the Taurids. 
George Zay