RE: (meteorobs) Not even 1 ping!!

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 I listened from 8am till midnight for any meteor pings on 83.25 MHz,
results = a big fat ZERO!  3 days agoi I herad 35 now nothing, In the rain
I went out and checked teh antenna connections- all ok, filter - ok...
problem????? Lots of heavy static...there was a slight geostorm about 64N
lat last night...oh well...

Clear skies...
Michael Boschat ( Astronomer )    E-mail: andromed@atm.dal.ca

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Hi Mike,

Have you identified your 83.25 MHz transmitter?  Am wondering if the
transmitter you are tuned to is a full-time transmitter?  If a transmitter
doesn't have a daily/regular schedule and a consistent wattage output then
it can't be used to establish background sporadic patterns for data

Each morning you should at least be getting a certain amount of meteors
before and after sunrise. Dawn sporadic reception is the best test of your
radio meteor telescope. 

- Tom Ashcraft