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     One of the wonderful things about meteor observation is that you don't
really need any tools at all. Just keep yourself warm, try to find some
dark skies, and watch. Learn your way around the sky, I guess you would
want some star maps if you are not familiar with the constellations
     Draconids are meteorites that appear to radiate from the constellation
draco, the parent being Periodic Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner. You can learn
how to log your sightings by asking questions on this list, and checking a
few web pages, ie:

NAMN home page:


IMO homepage:

Have fun, and clear dark skies

John N

Mircea ROMANITAN <mitch@sfinx.lasting.ro> on 10/09/98 01:44:22 AM

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Subject:  Re: (meteorobs) novice

I'm a novice too.
I joined this mailing list after seeing the ARMAGGEDON movie. I like it
very much.
Can some one tell me what is a Draconid or a Giaconid, where are they
located and how can you observe them (what types of tools do you need to
observe them)? If you can give me that info i'll be very glad.
Mircea from Romania.