Re: (meteorobs) Re: stationary Perseid

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 BTW, I was fascinated by your mention of very short meteors appearing
 as "short bird feathers" on your photos, George. What would cause a
 weird effect like that, do you think? Is the meteor actually getting
 close enough (and bright enough) for you to start to see the halo or
 faint "bow-shock" which all meteors supposedly have? (NOTE: Such bow
 shocks can be naked-eye visible around extremely bright fireballs.)

"short bird feathers" is the best I can describe them. I'm referring to the
one's that are apparently foreshortened due to being very close to the
radiant. My guess is that the bird feather look may have something to do with
"flaring" seen at a different perspective combined with the magnitude of the
meteor as it gradually dims. I don't think I'm seeing any "bow-shocks"?
George Zay